If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times, we pick wines based on the label! If you’re unsure what to get and are not a wine connoisseur, the label is king. It's got to be sexy, it has to be classic, and it has to demand attention on the shelf! That means staying on top of the latest trends and techniques then using them to your advantage. So, grab your favourite glass of wine and get settled, because we’re about to spill all the design and packaging trends currently trending in the wine world.


  1. Wines that tell a story 
  2. Canned wines 
  3. Bright flavours bright colours 
  4. Simplicity reigns 
  5. Innovation for a younger demographic
  6. Prioritizing natural 

Wines that tell a story

Robin Wright, beverage director of Italian restaurant Ci Siamo in New York, predicts an “increasing desire for wines with a backstory in the 2022 marketplace”. We couldn’t agree more! 

That means labels with:

  • Sense of place 
  • Papers and textures from home 
  • Storytelling elements 
  • Portraits 

Sense of place

Wine is unique in its connection to the earth. We want to envision standing and looking out over the vineyards in the gorgeous sunshine when we sip. There’s a reason wine country is such a popular vacation destination! This trend is all about creating that beautiful connection. 

Papers and textures from home

Use your papers and textures to represent the earth, nature, and culture surrounding your vineyard. Or, like Honey Moon Wine, you can use texture to tell a story. Harkening back to its honeycomb roots, both the shape and the fonts used in their design are bright, sweet, and scream honey! (Winnie the Pooh never felt so adult). Adding high build textures like these can make a seriously golden moment for your customers.  


Honey moon wines

Storytelling elements 

The Logan Weemala wine collection is the perfect example of using storytelling elements. Grown in Weemala Australia, translating to ‘good view,’ you couldn’t ask for a prettier place to wine around in. So they embraced their gorgeous location, taking five images of local birds to represent their varietals on their labels—a playful, natural, and elegant way of making organic ties to their vineyards. 


the logan weemala wine collection


It’s all a part of telling a story. 19 Crimes rose to fame with its living portraits of historical Australian convicts - sharing their side of the story. And this year’s Snoop Dog and Martha Stewart releases are no different. 

Portraits give a sense of individuality, and emotional connection - two things brands need to achieve to make a successful sale (and return sales!). This personality is precisely what we’re expecting to see more of this year.


Canned wines 

staggs hollow- canned wine

What was once considered a major faux pas, has become the main 2022 trend we’re seeing in wine (and RTD) packaging! It doesn't get much sleeker or sexier than the 250ml slim can. 

Why is this surging this year? How about:

  • Smaller serving sizes 
  • Convenience 
  • Environmental benefits 
  • Breaking down barriers to trying new wines 

Bring your wine into the everyday. Take it to the beach, the park, or even up a mountain with this trend! 


Bright flavours bright colours 

XY- malbec-wine

By: The Dieline

We’ve all had a long couple of years. Across industries this year, we’re looking at brighter, more energetic and optimistic designs to lift our spirits in wine that could mean playing with larger font faces, and bright energized colour pairings that showcase each varietal. 

Simplicity reigns


Laid back packaging is beginning to stand out. This minimalist approach provides a classy and sophisticated feel, and many make the argument that it’s also more eco-friendly since it often involves less packaging, labelling, and additional materials.


Innovation for a younger demographic


The younger demographic is getting into wine. But they’re just a little bit different; they choose products based on stories, experiences and brands that align with their value systems. 

With this generation, exploring innovative alternative solutions is going to be key. Take a look at our 2022 packaging trends blog for an overview of some of the larger trends we’re seeing this year, and think about how you can incorporate them into your designs. 

Take Lost Inhibitions Wine for example. They’re making great use of the block font trend with their bottle labeling. 

Lost Inhibitions printed every label with a different phrase ranging from uplifting to downright sassy to fit any mood or occasion. Celebrating an anniversary? A bottle of Merlot exclaiming ‘Happy F***ing Anniversary’ should do the trick. Or maybe you’re calling it quits after a long day––or no day at all, no judgements here––why not try the ‘No Adulting Today’ rosé?


Prioritizing natural 


There is a continuing trend for mindful drinking. From an environmental perspective – with an increase in demand for sustainable options, consumers are looking for products that have less of an impact on our planet. Highlighting natural, eco-friendly signals using kraft materials is going to be a big one moving forward. Take it a step further and enjoy your time on the cutting edge with compostable labels. 

While a traditional look is still king amongst the undecided demographic, you can sway anyone with a bit of extra innovation to stand out on the shelf. Did we miss any trends? Are you doing something different you want to share?


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