Unity Brew, a collaborative effort by Alberta's great craft brewers, makes a big comeback (looking more fabulous than ever) as it hits the shelves again this fall. We collaborated on an elevated holographic label designed by the fiercely creative Evans Hunt Group. 

Unity Brew happens annually and is put on by the Alberta's Small Brewers Association (ASBA), with breweries participating from all over the province. These brewers share a common goal: bringing the community together. They collaborate year after year to concoct a delicious and unique beer using some of the world's top raw materials. The association behind this event is a group that supports and advocates for around 90% of the province's specialty brew crafters, and the fundraising event itself serves as an opportunity to celebrate Alberta's Craft Beer community's innovation, creativity, and growth. 

This year's brew was crafted at Medicine Hat Brewing and is guaranteed to please the taste buds. They've brewed a tasty Dry Hopped Lager presenting an aromatic, hoppy aroma without the bitter aftertaste. Full proceeds from the beer sales will go directly back to the association and provide resources and education to support the industry's growth. A portion of these proceeds will also be directed to the Diversity and Inclusivity Committee to further the development in this space and support their efforts to educate other members in this area. 

- Glitter, Glitz, and Glam -

Summit Labels - UNITY BREW-108
An Aromatic Dry Hopped Lager

Keeping in theme with last year, Summit sponsored this year's release and provided some seriously cool labels that feature an eye-catching holographic stock and some surprise peel-off elements. We are stoked to get involved again and support Alberta's growing craft beer scene. To get beautiful glittery labels (like those featured on this year's Unity Brew cans), talk to a label solutions specialist and see the creative possibilities. Materials are plenty, and the innovative opportunity is endless.

So, what are you waiting for? 

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