This year is going to be all about the positive vibes! From nostalgic groovy vibes to Y2K early Aughts and rubber hose characters, we're forecasting some fun, positive and playful trends for 2022. 

Get Your 60's Groove On

Free love, peace and happiness. Some needed groovy vibes as we head into year 3 of the pandemic (already?!). 1960s psychedelic patterns are back in the packaging world, with popping colours and wavy lines. Why not bump it up a level with Fluorescent inks too? 


Experimental Text-Centric Designs

The focus of these designs is typography! Fonts as free-standing focused artworks. Fonts that challenge text ideas for just 'readability' images and photography are making way for creative and experimental designs. Looking for more info on text trends? Hit up this blog post. 


Peaceful Packaging Possibilities 

Sadly, as we've already mentioned in this post, we're in year 3 of this pandemic now. And as Omicron surges, celebrities are cancelled, and more seasons of Tiger King emerge, we all need a little peace and tranquillity. Packaging design is shifting to meet that need. Copying the calming serenity of ASMR, colours are more muted, there is more negative space, and designs are focused on a light and airy motif. 


Maximal Minimal packaging 

The next evolution of peaceful packaging. This trend features designs with minimalist calming aesthetics on the outside and an explosion of vibrancy and colours inside. Each package acts as a special well-crafted treat for those opening it. 


Mystical Colour Mist 

Sophisticated and eye-catching. A minimalist design featuring serifs and neutral backgrounds gets an overhaul with a brilliant blast of colour. What else can we say other than sign us up? 


Raw Materials 

The focus on eco-consciousness means authentic raw materials have become a must. Perfectly imperfect, these materials feel authentic and remind us of where they come from and how they should return to the earth. Looking for some eco-conscious ideas? Check out our sustainability page for some banging new (and even compostable) materials. 


Rubber Hose Characters 

Okay, so these guys scream Disney for a reason. Created in the 1920s by creators like Walt Disney and Bill Nolan, they're seeing a resurgence in 2022–just a little more elevated (and sarcastic!). The contemporary version sees characters with tattoos, funny expressions, and caps and sneakers; they're fun, vibrant and energetic. 


Colour Collage

Layered colour and collage is an aesthetic that's been around for some time. And 2022 is no exception. It's all about geometric shapes, overlapping colour, and now? Raw edges. 


Holo vibes 

Or the Y2K Aesthetic. Yes, that's right, fanny packs and neon aren't the only things making an early aughts return. The Y2K aesthetic is characterized by a steampunk-esq take on a new millennium. It's 90s cyberpunk. It's metallic meets tech. In short? It's a bitchin' return to a baffling and iconic fashion moment. Achievable with metallic and holographic BOPP, it's a definite must this year. 


Capturing 2022's packaging trends 

After the last two years, who couldn't use some cheerful vibes? The Packaging industry is all about making that emotional, exciting connection to end-users - creating that golden aha moment - and designers in 2022 are no different. 

We can't wait to see some fun vibes and seriously cool self-expression this year. Did we miss anything? Do you have a favourite Y2K fanny pack you want to show us? Hit us up at or on IG @summitlabels