The label industry is a treasure trove when it comes to influencing consumer purchases, and if there’s one industry that’s up on that fact–it’s food. They use their products as mini grocery shelf billboards, capture your imagination in moments, and for no small reason, use shrink sleeves. Assuming you already know what a Shrink Sleeve is (if not, check out our 101 Guide here,) let’s take a look at why shrink sleeves on jars may just be one of the best food solutions out there.  




Food–like TV–is in a golden age! Food producers are expanding their natural, organic and healthy options, meaning ingredient lists are growing too. Communicating the benefits of these new-age treats can take up a lot of space on a label. But with shrink sleeves’ 360 degrees of design space? Those lists can run wild! Luckily digital shrink sleeves allow for: 

  • More room for ingredients 
  • On the fly adjustments for evolving regulations 
  • Easy, inexpensive recipe and ingredient changes 



Just like peanut butter and jelly, jars are a two-piece package (jar + lid). So, as a producer, how do you send your product out into the wide world and ensure it makes its way through the shelves and into customer’s hands, lids on, integrity intact? Tamper-proof shrink sleeves, of course!

A tamper-proof shrink sleeve is applied at the neck of your jar after the lid is sealed and offers: 

  • Custom design and construction for your package
  • A protective layer that, if broken, will indicate compromises. 
  • Protects your product as it travels through supply chains of all sizes,
  • It gives you peace of mind knowing your product is getting to your customers just as you intended. 



Tell a story with your 360degrees of label real estate! Social media has smashed up the consumer goods world. Foods like our friends at Banter Ice Cream have literally thousands of loyal follows (10.4K and counting at the time of this post!). How do you set the world on fire and break the internet as a food brand? (Without working with Kim K?)

One way is to use digital printing to create one-of-a-kind campaigns that draw attention and consumers to your products. Using technology like variable content, you can generate an unlimited number of excellent, unique sleeves. Every single design could be different, or you could create a collect-them-all campaign, a giveaway, or even personalized packages. Now that’s something that resonates on the screen and in the store. 


Do you still have questions about how shrink sleeves might work best for your packaging needs? Hit up our Label Solutions Specialists to get the scoop on food jar label options!