A clear purpose and a compelling “why” are essential building blocks to set the foundation for a wildly successful company. When your north star says; ‘Become North America’s leading earth-friendly product company’, you’re planning and branding big. That’s the case for our friends at, good natured®!

As they develop, manufacture and distribute plant-based products and packaging across North America. The compostable take-out containers you get from your favourite taco place? The clear plant-based cupcake containers that you, (pre-2020) licked the icing residue off? Those are just a couple of the products they make and supply. 

The good natured® product development team looks globally to find the latest and most advanced plant and bio-based materials. Armed with the guiding principles of Green Chemistry to do no harm, their goal is to use the maximum possible amount of renewable materials, avoid all chemicals deemed potentially harmful to human health and the environment and leave the lowest CO2 footprint possible. A brand that’s this dedicated to the green life? We knew we had to get involved. 

“At good natured®, we love our planet and all the people in it. Our customers trust and expect us to seek out the most sustainable options for their food packaging needs and labels are no exception. Sustainability is the driving force and ethos behind good natured® operations across North America and we’re so happy to partner with companies like Summit Labels who take climate change and environmental impact as seriously as we do.”

– Stephanie Zahn, Chief Strategist and Marketing Officer


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Using Green Label Materials for the Epic Eco Warrior 

When good natured ® knocked on our door, we knew we’d found kindred spirits, invested in putting the green foot (and green materials) forward. We’re proud to offer a variety of tree-free label alternatives and compostable label solutions. For good natured ® we introduced a 100% post-consumer waste label comprised of 100% recycled paper, which we don’t have to tell you, is a big deal in lowering the impact on our forests. 

We also offered up a label made from the fibrous material that remains after crushing sugarcanes in the production of sugar (yeah, it’s just as cool as it sounds). Combining this sugarcane “paper” along with a compostable adhesive makes for the ultimate, low-environmental high-brand impact label. 


Cutting the Carbon with Emission-free Delivery 

Equally important for good natured®, they want to know they’re working with partners who practise what they preach in their daily operations. At Summit, we’ve transitioned our delivery fleet in Metro Vancouver to become all-electric through our partnership with Move Electric Courier. We send out over 10,000 local deliveries annually, so that’s literally saving tonnes of carbon emissions. By working with us good natured® could rest assured that not only were their labels as eco as possible, but the operational side is eco-epic too. 

To find out more about the programs and materials we offer to do good by the earth, get in touch or power up your sustainability journey with our guide to sustainable printing.

Let’s collaborate on ways we can make a difference together!


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