What is White BOPP?

Bi-axially oriented polypropylene, commonly known as BOPP material, is one of the most commonly used label making materials we have here at Summit Labels—and one of the least talked about (until you visit us that is). Let’s chat about what exactly White BOPP is, the cost, and the many things it’s good for. Are you ready for some overly complicated label printing jargon? Yes, you are!

White BOPP is our ‘go-to’ substrate (stock). It’s a durable, white polypropylene (plastic) material that’s waterproof and oil proof. BOPP is affordable, and it comes in a variety of sizes with a range of liners and adhesives.

You can use White BOPP for most products, including:

  • Beer labels
  • Cannabis labels
  • Cosmetic labels
  • Nutritional or pharmaceutical labels
  • Industrial labels

And more.

White BOPP and what it’s good for

Visible colours and impact unlike clear or metallic BOPP, White BOPP doesn’t need white ink (which costs extra).

  • Writable: you can write directly on your label with a sharpie
  • Durability: it’s hard to tear
  • Waterproofing: excellent for wet application processes
  • Oil resistant: great for messy or oily products and spills

White BOPP isn’t as good for:

  • Direct food applications: while food safe, you do need something between the label and your food. If you’re looking for something you can apply directly to food, like a fruit label, food-safe litho or dairy print is a better bet.
  • Rippable labels: if you’re looking for something with a bit more give or your customer needs to be able to rip through your label BOPP may be too durable for you. Try thermal transfer or semi-gloss paper instead.
  • Thermal printing: if you think you may be using thermal printing, we would recommend a thermal transfer stock instead.

Weights and uses of White BOPP

2.6m White BOPP
  • Great for most industries including cosmetics, nutritional supplements, food, beverage, and industrial purposes.
2.4m White BOPP
  • Thinner than the 2.6, this stock goes excellent with a PET liner and is often used by beer companies.
2.3m White BOPP
  • This is great if you’re looking for a removable label. This is commonly used for removable pet treat labels, coupons, and cosmetics.

Considering other BOPP materials

  • Metallic BOPP: A silver metallic coloured BOPP stock which uses white ink to constrain the metallic t0o desired areas. Used for the same purposes as White or Clear BOPP and is an inexpensive alternative to foil stamping.
  • Clear BOPP: A transparent BOPP material which uses white ink behind artwork to create opaque colours.
  • 2.3m BOPP: A thin and aggressive adhesive we use for lip balm tubes and other small circumferences.

Pricing out White BOPP

Here’s the deal-io, White BOPP is the least expensive option out of the materials listed above. But the cost of your label order may vary depending on the size of your labels, your liner, and the finish you choose. It’s like one of those make your own sundae bars! It’s all about how much you add (and what looks good to you). Really, it’s all up to you!

Did that help? Hopefully you’re feeling a little bit better about the intensive jargon then you were at the beginning- and now the next time someone asks you, in your everyday life, (because that happens) 'What the heck is White BOPP?' You can reply like an expert.