We want to talk to label purchasers for a moment.

Your life isn’t easy. Other people might not understand, but we do! We've listened to your trials and tribulations, from how hard it is to keep track of all your artwork and files, to what what labels you've ordered and figuring out when to re-order. Whether you’ve just started your own business or you’re in charge of the packaging for thousands, we can all agree ordering labels is needlessly confusing.

So label purchaser, small business owner, head of packaging, interested label connoisseur, we–Summit Labels–have solved your problems.

It's called Summit Plus and it's the easiest possible way to order labels.

Here's three things you can forget about now that Summit Plus is around:

  • Cross-checking POs and digging through emails to find your file names.
  • Back and forth with your Account Manager determining precisely what version you ordered last time and what the quantity was.
  • The confusion that is multiple sizes, materials, and names of the same artwork.

Summit Plus is here, and with it, your entire order history–in one easy to find place.

Now you can find order details, packing slips, and invoices all under the order history tab. Directly linked to our inventory and ordering software, Summit Plus gives you the same access to your order information that we have. (Only better organized and way easier to understand.) Each label you have includes specs, pricing, and past orders. You’re also guaranteed to see the most recent version right there in your dashboard (so no more accidentally sending in old files!).

At the end of the day, Summit Plus is here to help eliminate stress and put control of your label files back in your hands. How’s that for refreshing?

How'd we do?

Let us know, and sign up for Summit Plus today!