We asked our friends at Skeleton Crew Creative what we can expect to see showing up in craft beer label design trends for 2022. They didn’t disappoint! Read on for Creative Director Jack Finn’s take on what to expect this year on labels everywhere. 

As we roll into 2022, with the ring of 21 reverberating around our eardrums, it feels like we’re a bit over with crazy times. Covid, climate, and the general decline of humanity have us searching for some much-needed optimism! 

Towards the end of last year, it seems, whether subconsciously or on purpose, we’ve gravitated to a space that’s seeing design filled with a lot more positive, cheerful energy. We want to be comforted and be told that it’s all going to be alright.

We’re seeing a lot of lighter and brighter colour combinations, with airy, clean and thoughtful negative space. There’s a range of peaceful to more energetic designs within this space, but all point towards an excitement for good times.



As the craft beer market matures, the gap between craft and mainstream appears to be shrinking. We’re seeing more strategy in the design behind differentiating between beer series and products and how they fit together. This feels like a natural progression, with a lot more beer being sold online - good navigation between products that are easy to distinguish, whether through colour, type or layout, makes sense when there’s no bartender to help.



And it’s not just beer that’s moving towards the light. The overall packaging industry is swaying - there’s a lot of out-of-category crossover coming through. The things that make people feel good - music, wellness, nature, social, vacation - the list goes on, is having an impact through look & feel. 



Lastly, with the importance of climate change events (especially in BC!!) and global gatherings like COP26, the materials we use and how they impact the look and feel of packaged goods are only going to get more scrutiny. Part of making people feel good is peace of mind that the beer they’re drinking or snack they’re eating was made responsibly. 


All in all, it’s looking bright! We’re a hardy bunch and don’t get put down easily - the good times are coming. I, for one, hope to be drinking beer from a brightly coloured can on a beach somewhere very soon.