Alright, we’re talking to the Nutraceutical, Sports Nutrition, and Cosmetic company designers here, or really any highly regulated industry - cannabis designers included! The ones who are currently sitting behind their computers, banging their heads on the table, because they’ve just been delivered four pages of regulations to be added to a 1x1” label. Ouch. We’ve all been there; time to crack out the 0.8pt font and crush your creative soul. What if we told you there’s a better way? Let’s talk extended content labels.


Hinge labels, peel back labels, or extended content labels. No matter the name or construction, they’re all the same thing with the end goal of more design space for your brand. 



Too many regulations? Double up on your content with peel-back labels. These are essentially two labels (or two layers of material) stacked on top of each other and sealed with a hinge. Each label peels up to reveal what’s underneath and can be restuck afterwards like nothing happened. No more pesky 1pt fonts for you! 



Three layers of label goodness. These work like a little sticky flipbook for your label. Three times the space of a regular label, each layer peels back like a hinge to reveal the content underneath and can be restuck afterward. 



251_Summit Labels_Peel Back PHOTOS-216

A peel-off is a label with a sticker on top. Have fun creating an epic and absorbing label, then add a sticker to top it off. When the sticker is peeled away, it can be re-used and stuck elsewhere, and your label still looks good as new.




A peel out resembles those sticker sheets we all had as kids. It’s a label with a built-in sticker. You can peel out the sticker -leaving behind its distinct shape in the label- and use it for an awesome and interactive promo for your customers. 


Why choose Peelbacks? 

More room for creativity

More room for regulations

More bang for your buck

High efficiency, cost-effective printing


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