Unity (noun, singular): the state of being in agreement and working together; the state of being joined together to form one unit (Oxford Dictionary, 2021). This is the premise behind Unity Brew. A collaborative effort by Alberta's great craft brewers hits the shelves once again this fall.

Unity Brew is an annual event, organized by Alberta’s Small Brewers Association (ASBA), with breweries participating from all around the province. These brewers have a common goal of bringing the community together. They join forces year after year to brew a delicious and unique beer, using some of the best raw materials in the world.  The association behind this event is a group that not only supports but advocates for roughly 90% of the province's specialty brew crafters. This fundraising event is also an opportunity to collectively share knowledge, updates, and trends relevant to the industry, in the hopes of forging a strong, long-lasting brewing community.


- This Year's Unity Brew is Easy on the Eyes and the Palate! - 

Unity Brewing 2021-111-1
A Delicious Session IPA

2021's Unity brew was cooked up by Alberta’s very own Grizzly Paw, who've concocted a delicious Session IPA guaranteed to knock your socks off! The brewery also just so happens to be celebrating a major milestone themselves; it's their 25th anniversary! So raise a glass to birthdays and IPAs, we know we will. 

All proceeds from this year's beer sales will continue to go directly back to the Association and provide resources and education, to better support the growth of the industry. A portion of these proceeds will also go straight to the Diversity and Inclusivity Committee to support their efforts to educate other members in this area.

Summit is sponsoring this year’s Unity Brew and providing some fierce BOPP-ing labels through our For the Love of Beer Program. We are incredibly excited, (think kid in a candy store level) to give back and show Alberta’s craft brewing scene a little extra love. To get awesomely fierce labels (like the featured Unity Brew ones) weekly, try our beer program and experience the difference. It's label ordering, simplified. Want to learn more?



Lastly, join us in supporting Alberta’s craft beer gang by grabbing a pint of this year's awesome brew, or better yet, snag a 4-pack from your local liquor store. 

The Session IPA will be available at the following retailers and taprooms:

Blindman Brewing

Siding 14 Brewing Company

Hawk Tail Brewery

Belly Hop Brewing

Troubled Monk

Snake Lake Brewing Company

Cabin Brewing Company

Spectrum Ale Works

Born Colorado Brewing

Big Rock Brewery

Eighty-Eight Brewing Co.

Village Brewery

Railyard Brewing

Outcast Brewing

Annex Ale Project

Brewsters Brewing Company - Foothills

Medicine Hat Brewing Company

The Establishment Brewing Company

Oldman River Brewing

The Pass Beer Co.

Cold Garden Beverage Company

Endeavour Brewing Company

4th Meridian Brewing Co

Sturgeon Brewing Company

Alley Kat Brewing Company

Brewsters Unity Square

Folding Mountain Brewing Taproom and Kitchen

SYC Brewing Co

Blind Enthusiasm Brewing Company

Sea Change Brewing Co

The Grizzly Paw Brewery Taproom

The Grizzly Paw Pub

Canmore Brewing Company

Banff Ave Brewing Co.