Meet Kevin and Angie, owners, operators, and passionate beer lovers behind Coast Mountain Brewing, a Sea to Sky classic celebrating 5 years of fine brews this September.
Kevin and Angie got their start in hospitality and evolved into self-taught at-home brewers. This passion drove them to create beers based on taste and local love, the two founding values Coast Mountain has thrived on!

Looking for a particularly tasty, crowd-pleasing, flagship hazy IPA? Look no further than the Coast Mountain classic - the Hope You’re Happy IPA. This beer sells out across Whistler on the regular. Following a lawyer-infused conflict over its first title, ‘Daydreamer IPA,’ the ‘Hope You’re Happy IPA’ is a playful dig at the name swap and a mark of appreciation for the local support during the last few years.

So what better beer to retool with a limited edition label for their 5th anniversary?! Kevin worked closely with pal and Label Solution partner Danica to create something truly fun and fabulous to mark this milestone. We have to say, seeing the end result? They delivered. Featuring a limited edition peel-off branded sticker and powdered holographic material - this label, the ‘5 Years Happy IPA’, screams celebration!

The Coast mountain brand - and iconic whistler mountainscape - is a love letter to the community, the fun, community spirit and support system of function junction. This beer promises to keep on making good beer and keeping it small, crafted with care, and focused on the community.

Don’t just take our word for it. Drop by the Brewery for their anniversary bach on Sept 11th for food and fun and catch this special edition label and beer!

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