Puppies, distilled spirits, and more puppies. Who doesn’t like the two? We’re here to inform you the team at Dubh Glas is no exception. They create stellar distilled products and are self-proclaimed puppy lovers (just like the rest of us). So what is the tie between Summit Labels and this puppy-loving distillery? The answer is our involvement in this year’s BC Distilled PADS fundraiser. Dubh Glas is one of five local distilleries to join forces with BC Distilled. They’ve crafted a unique, limited-release spirit with partial proceeds going towards PADS while we're producing and covering 100% of all the label costs associated with the initiative, helping provide support for those with disabilities. 


A Little Bit of Background

Dubh Glas was born from the appreciation of small-batch liquor production. In Gaelic, the name Dubh Glas means “from the dark water" and reflects the source water used to make their feature spirits. The name also has ties to their artisan distiller,  Grant Stevely as he’s shared that name in is his family for generations.


The distillery is passionate about creating quality spirits that start with the finest raw products and materials available. It’s located in the Okanagan Valley region, where there’s no shortage of quality, organic, produce. The distillery location also provides a hot climate, especially during the summer. This warm climate allows for a richer maturation in a shorter period, enabling them to release a younger style of whiskey in a shorter time frame without sacrificing taste or flavour.


The Star of the Show 

The team at Dubh Glas like to say their new resident puppy, Juniper, came up with the name for their limited release spirit: Sir Pawsalot. The team at Dubh Glas had a goal with this one, to create a unique and distinct product for the fundraiser. The end product is a limited edition, small-batch cask-strength whiskey, bottled as 66.1%; it’s sure to deliver a unique flavour profile! Aged for a little over three years in a custom bourbon barrel and finished in a Laphroaig quarter cask, you can expect underlying sweet tones of vanilla and caramel with a smoke and peat finish. 


You can help support a great organization by purchasing a bottle of Dubh Glas’ Sir Pawsalot whiskey from their distillery. We anticipate these limited edition bottles selling fast (like really fast). But, if by some miracle there are any remaining by the May long weekend, what’s left will be made available online from May 23rd onwards.