A great cause, out-of-the-box spirit, and unique distillery. A real triple threat if you ask us. We are, of course, talking about Wayward Distillery, one of the select distillers participating in this year’s BC Distilling PADS fundraiser. They have carefully crafted a limited-release spirit with $45 a bottle going straight to the organization. According to the founder of Wayward, Dave Brimacombe, “getting involved was a no-brainer.” They’ve been involved with BC Distilled from the very beginning, and as a veteran-run company, PADS is near and dear to their hearts. Summit Labels was also interested in getting involved and contributing to this fantastic cause. So, we have produced and covered 100% of all label costs associated with the fundraiser. 


A Little Bit of Background


Dave founded Wayward Distillery in 2014 to bring the local ethos of craft beer to the distilled spirit industry. Located in the Comox Valley, on Vancouver Island, BC, Wayward creates exceptional spirits fermented and distilled from locally sourced honey. The result, providing both a unique taste and texture. They are the very first Canadian distillery to create spirits using 100 percent BC honey. Honey is a sustainable resource they love to use, helping support BC agriculture. The distillery also advocates for pollinator protection and the conservation of bees, with one percent of all spirit sales going towards the bees. Yet another reason to feel good about buying this distillery’s delicious spirits #savethebees!


The Star of the Show 


Wayward will be producing around 100 bottles of a Cask Strength Peated Rum for the fundraiser described as “very different, with unusual flavours.” The honey theme has undoubtedly carried over with the creation of this rum. It remains the base for this specially crafted spirit, but there’s a twist. It’s finished with a bourbon barrel and nothing else. Expect a lot of peated whiskey notes, but with a strong honey rum backbone. Dave and the team are incredibly excited to bring this unique spirit forward in support of PADS. Their goal was to get something to the fundraiser that they’ve never seen or done before. 


Dave stated, “It’s a pleasure to give back,” and he definitely sees Wayward continuing to participate moving forward. Their limited-edition rum will be available after the May 15th launch. It can be purchased online or at the distillery. We guarantee the product won’t last long, so mark your calendars and don’t wait to get your hands on this extraordinary spirit!