Specialty spirits for a great cause, or in layman's terms, another reason to drink. This week we are spotlighting DEVINE Spirits and their Ancient Grains Cask Strength Whiskey. This local BC Distillery is another craft distiller to join forces with BC Distilled for their 2021 PADS fundraiser. They’ve crafted a unique, limited-release spirit with partial proceeds going towards PADS, helping provide greater support for those with disabilities. Summit Labels also decided to get involved and join DEVINE in contributing to a fantastic cause. We have produced and covered 100% of all label costs associated with the initiative.


"It feels great to contribute something positive to the community and have something nice to look forward to amongst all the recent negative news."

- Kirsten Titcomb, General Manager of DEVINE 


A Little Bit of Background

Since their launch as a craft distillery in 2015, DEVINE has produced quality spirits, using only the freshest produce, delivering impeccable taste. They are located in the heart of a prosperous agricultural community just north of Victoria, BC, on the Saanich Peninsula. What makes this distillery unique is that they source almost all of their raw ingredients through partnerships with local farms. They work collaboratively with these farmers and even grow a portion of their ingredients, something few craft distillers do. At DEVINE, the team is very focused on the origin of the ingredient, how it’s been sourced and treated. None of their produce is sprayed or treated with pesticides, which translates to their spirits having a great, refreshing taste.


The Star of the Show

One of the distillery’s top-selling products is a delicious Ancient Grains whiskey. Something they always have on hand. Typically, the bottle strength is around 45 percent. However, for the fundraiser, DEVINE will switch it up and release 60-65 bottles of this famous whiskey at cask strength. In other words, this means that they are leaving the product as is once it comes out of the barrel. The outcome, a stronger whiskey and more flexibility to dilute the drink to your liking. Individuals can enjoy and experiment with the taste that comes straight from the cask, providing a unique flavour experience. They’ve also chosen to reverse their typical label design by making the background black. 


This will be a first-time limited release directly out of DEVINE’s distillery. We could not be more excited for them! Show your support for PADS and this awesome local business by buying a bottle or two. You can purchase the specialty spirit online or directly from their store. Act fast because we’re positive they won't last long.


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