Hey there Fabulous BC Winery,

You’re proud, and you should be! You’ve built a brand that’s a reflection of you, of your personality, your tastes, your preferences and your life’s work. At Summit Labels, we’re proud too. We do good work, we’re innovative, and we understand the incredible responsibility and the honour that comes with representing your brand through the canvas that is our labels.

Being a trusted partner for over 16 years with thousands of brands across Canada and the world, we spend our time making brand visions come to life.

It’s been proven time and time again that labels affect buying decisions and go so far as even affecting the taste of certain products, wine very much included. Just Google the University of BC Wine study that shows a direct correlation between a consumer’s affinity towards a wine label and how it can affect their actual sense of taste for the wine inside the bottle. You probably read this study already, but we highlight it because we understand what it takes to elevate product branding and would love the chance to collaborate with you and your winery.

As one of the largest digital label printing companies in Canada, we have the full range of capabilities, embellishments and the latest technology to make your wildest label creation dreams come true. If you’re looking for your brand to really stand-out and you’ve read down this far, we hope you’ll take us up on having a 15 minute virtual coffee, wine, or craft beer together.