It’s time to erase the stigma surrounding mental health and talk about our emotions. It’s also a great time to spread a little kindness in our communities! That’s the simple and powerful message behind the Be Kind collaboration we did earlier this year, in partnership with Whistler Brewing and Sarah Symes. This message is an important reminder to be kind and still prevails today, as we shed light on one of our amazing partners, Whistler Brewing.

Whistler Brewing is a huge player in the BC craft beer space. Established in 1989, this brewery helped pioneer the craft brewing movement in British Columbia and remains 100% BC brewed and owned. 

Summit has worked with Whistler Brewing for over three years, and during this time, one thing has been made clear, they’re not just committed to brewing great beer, but also giving back to the community.  It is one of the many things we admire about this BC-based brewery. They’ve done plenty of collaborations, some of which we’ve been fortunate enough to take part in (like with Be Kind). These collaborations support various initiatives and help shed light on some important causes.

Earlier this month, we sat down with General Manager, Jennie Kwasnecha, to reflect on the Be Kind collaboration and what’s next for the brewery, including upcoming collaborations, seasonal beer releases, and more. Check it out!


It's clear that Whistler Brewing is a wicked company that doesn't plan on slowing down. We love working with them and can't wait for our next visit. The brewery is back to normal operations with their front and back patio in full swing. So go grab a pint of one of their delicious beers and enjoy the beautiful Sea to Sky scenery.

The brewery also has some special releases and tasty-sounding beer creations brewing, that are sure to satisfy. (Trust us, we got the inside scoop during our latest sit-down.) Make sure you don't miss out and follow their social pages (@whistlerbrewing) to stay up to date on what this fantastic spot has cooking up! Lastly, to see more of the awesome stuff we've done with them, read up on their case study.