Peel back labels are a fantastic way to maximize your space while communicating more information, but the benefits don't stop there! Let’s look at all the reasons you should consider peel backs for your next label.

Why Peel back labels?


Brand Connection & Creative Freedom

Peel backs allow for some awesome creative freedom, all that extra material means:

  • Increased opportunity for your packaging.
  • More value
  • A greater connection to your brand
Try getting interactive! You can do this by including a hidden QR code that directs users to your website, or creating a peel back crossword puzzle like Cabin Brewing, and that's just the beginning. The opportunities are truly endless. So, get creative and do something that will make your brand shine

Increased Space 

More space solves fine print issues. Who wants to read a 1 point font or see a mass amount of regulatory information plastered to an otherwise beautiful label? (The answer is obviously no one). This added space provides:

  • The ability to hide content your clients care less about (but the regulators sure do!)
  • More space for regulatory standards and fine print
  • Industry standards without compromising on the look or design of the label

Waste Minimization & Cost Efficiency 

Since peel-back labels come with extra space, you don’t have to create extra labels, pamphlets, or sticker attachments to convey mandatory information. You can use a smaller container while still housing all of the necessary information on separate layers. There are also significant cost savings associated with peel backs. It’s a relatively cost-effective method because:

  • Our high-end technology (the only machine like it in Canada!) enables you to get your labels done in a snap
  • Less time means, means lower people power and lower costs for you
  • Lastly, it increases the overall available space on a container; no need for bigger packages or additional labels!

We know you're on board now and itching to get started. So, get in touch with a label solutions specialist today and read up on our latest post for all of your design inspiration.