100% natural and eco-friendly - these are the values that PoCo Soap stands for. 

From the beginning, Shea, owner and creator of Poco Soap, has been dedicated to finding greener alternatives for all things soap- from creation to delivery. 

After spending 20 years of his life producing soap for himself and wondering how to live a greener life, Shea launched his dream project of creating his own soap company in early 2018. PoCo Soap is named after the beautiful Port Coquitlam (where the founder grew up and lived all his life) and the company has a unique focus: to deliver high-quality handmade soaps without harming the environment.

Poco Soap-122

Now you might be thinking… This is awesome, but where do labels come into play? No worries, we’re getting there! PoCo Soap never uses plastics (not even with shipping materials).


“There are often no adequate plastic-free solutions, and the alternatives that do exist are usually more expensive and less convenient, but this is the sacrifice we need to make in order to do better for our Earth.” 

- Shea, Owner and creator of PoCo Soap.


So, to achieve a 100% sustainable business— labels were key—that’s where Summit’s compostable material came in.

For those who don’t know — which we’re guessing includes 99% of people reading this blog — sugarcane paper is more eco-friendly to produce than most of the rest of paper materials. The label itself is made from the fibrous material that remains after crushing sugarcanes in the production of sugar (yeah, it’s just as cool as it sounds). So when we combine this sugarcane “paper” along with a compostable adhesive, the result makes for the ultimate, low-environmental high-brand impact label. It also biodegrades faster and returns nutrients to the soil. I mean… you can’t really ask for more, right? 

If there’s something we certainly know is that the world can’t afford to continue wasting materials, so it’s time to think about products from a different perspective, beyond the point of use. That’s why Summit Labels constantly invests in innovation and technology - to be able to bring sustainable solutions to those businesses that are thinking about the future and aim to reduce their environmental impact.

The best part? These alternative green options are not only good for the environment, but they also look incredibly beautiful! Feel free to check it out yourselves!


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Poco Soap-138

So if you’re thinking about switching to the green side, please get in touch with our label specialists and we’ll help you choose the best eco-friendly label option for your brand.