This year is all about health and wellness. So, it’s only fitting nutraceutical design and packaging is on our minds. So, set your sights on this year’s trends, and let’s get into it!

Security and Tamper Proof Technology

It should be no surprise that authenticity is critical in the nutraceutical space. Companies are continuing to invest in security features and tamper-proof packaging. Microprinting and blacklight ink are rising in popularity as company’s try to avoid counterfeited products. Ask about the various security printing options you can incorporate into your labels for next-level protection. 


A Push Towards Environmental Responsibility

Summit - Good Natured -109-1

Climate change is front and centre for consumers. The reality is, climate change sucks, it’s an important global issue we need to work together to combat. Consumers are choosing between two products with similar price points, ingredients, and quality. The one differentiating factor that may cause them to choose one over the other is the packaging. Especially if it is eco-friendly, it offers another incentive for potential customers to choose your products! Although not a nutraceutical company, Good Natured is one of the companies and a fellow partner leading the way for the sustainable packaging.

Overlooked Aesthetics 


There’s a huge branding opportunity in the nutraceutical space. Brand, packaging, and design remain an afterthought for many– resulting in products with seriously plain visuals. Imagine if you decided to get creative with yours by including beautiful designs, big, bold colours, and unique typography. Talk about a stand out! We’re predicting more nutraceuticals take advantage of this opening in 2022. One company that’s nailing this more contemporary approach already is Sproos. Check it out!


Out with the old, in with the new 

Summit - Strauss Heart Drops-232

The nutraceutical space has stayed pretty traditional. Companies rarely take creative liberties with their packaging, and many designs often seen in the industry are plain and straightforward, letting the mandatory regulations and necessary information shine through. Usually, this contributes to a cluttered appearance, and the overall look is sacrificed. 

This year, embrace the minimalist design trend! Try incorporating more modern, zen visuals and avoiding unnecessary clutter with peel backs! This label technology gives you two times the space (or more if you use triple peel backs), meaning you no longer have to pick between a beautiful design or the mandatory regulations and warnings. It gives you the best of both worlds. 

We hope this sparked some inspiration for your own packaging and design. If you think it’s time you update your look, let us help! Talk to one of our solutions specialists for all your label questions (and peel back inquiries).