With hundreds of products on shelves and virtual stores vying for customers’ attention, brand owners are continuously looking for unique ways to place their packaging above the rest.  Bottles are no different and most often are used for premium products such as wine and spirits, one of the most competitive categories out there. A common solution in this on-the-shelf showdown is shrink sleeves. What do these 360-degree decorations do differently? Let’s take a look at some advantages below: 


Adjustable to Any Bottle Shape

Shrink sleeves are specifically produced according to the container shape they’ll be applied to. This means that they can be useful for all types of bottles and shapes, ensuring that full 360-degree coverage of the bottle conveys your brand’s message down to the last detail. Shrink sleeve designs are pre-distorted to account for the changes the film and inks will undergo during the application process, which ensures that the important information you want your customers to know is conveyed clearly and concisely throughout the buying process.

Protected Packaging

Unlike adhesive labels, shrink sleeves are reverse printed, meaning the inks that make up these eye-catching creations are printed on the inside of the sleeve and not directly exposed to the elements. This may seem like a trivial detail, but with glass bottles being a rigid container, reverse-printed shrink sleeves offer a high degree of scuff resistance that helps the design, and your brand, remain as pristine as possible throughout the packaging process. They also add another layer of protection to the packaging they’re applied to so that you can feel confident in knowing your container and its contents are secured in a custom-designed decoration that portrays your brand as you expect. 

Tamper-Proof Your Product

Did you know that the original use for shrink sleeves was a tamper-proof seal for sake bottles? Aside from that little history lesson, the other important takeaway here is that shrink sleeves can be used for a multitude of packaging requirements, including tamper-proof seals applied to the necks of bottles. These tamper sleeves ensure that the product is protected from any unauthorized activity, and can be especially helpful with bottle + cap packaging where you want to reinforce the closure to ensure your product gets to your consumers the way you intend it to. 

Still, have questions? Feel free to reach out to one of our Label Solutions Specialists to get the scoop on shrink sleeves and other can decoration options.