Move over breweries. There’s a new kid in town. We’re talking about distilleries, which seem to be steadily growing in popularity. We hope they’re here to stay. After all, what’s not to love about locally crafted spirits?

Trends in the Distilled Liquor Industry

From what we have seen, a lot is happening in this beverage category. The pandemic has undoubtedly affected everyone, and the distilled liquor industry is no exception. Combine with various other factors like seasonality, changing consumer preferences, and evolving technology, it quickly becomes evident that it can be hard to stay on top of the latest trends and challenges in this drink segment. We, however, have some juicy insights on the latest happenings and are here to spill the tea.


Many distillers started producing hand sanitizer in response to the pandemic. 

Like breweries, various distillers joined the fight against COVID-19 and used their facilities to create hand sanitizer during the shortage early last year. The phrase “not all heroes wear capes” still seems to ring true. We are grateful to all of the businesses who are taking small steps to help fight the pandemic. 


Non-alcoholic liquor and low-calorie options continue to trend.

Health is wealth, and this seems to correlate with the trending non-alcoholic and low-calorie drink options positively. We still see these drinks trend as consumers shift towards a more health-conscious lifestyle. Ready to capture a new segment? Consider expanding your offerings by including lower-calorie drink options to appeal to this growing group of consumers. 


There is an increased number of ready-to-drink products coming to market. 

We see more and more single-serve cocktails surface as they rise in popularity. According to Cision, millennials are behind this market push due to their preference for convenience and on-the-go options. Pyur and Provincial Spirits are a couple of notable brands with ready-to-drink products that the Summit team is loving these days. (Beware, their drinks are so tasty, they might just become your new favourite.)


Alcohol is a growing industry that is constantly changing to meet consumer demands, adhere to new regulations, and adjust to the changing global landscape. Now that you know what’s currently trending, how can you make your product stand out in an ever-changing world? Labels are a great solution! Your product is an extension of your brand, so it’s only fitting that your label properly represents who you are and what you stand for. 


Considerations for Distillery Label Projects  

As we’ve learned, two standard distilling methods (Pot and Column distilling) are widely used around the world. The process of creating spirits is not unique, but your product is, so why settle for plain labels? Lucky for you, we’ve compiled some top tips from our insider resources to help enhance your spirit labels.


Add embellishments to give your product a more premium feel.

Your product is top-tier, so it only fits the packaging is too. Take inspiration from Bespoke Spirits House and try foil-stamping for an elevated look. This specific client used a custom die and hot foil stamps: the result, a very snazzy label with a unique 3-dimensional look. 


Use sustainable stock to minimize your environmental impact. 

Display your environmental care through labels created using materials that don’t harm the environment. Munch is a great example. Their beautiful labels were created using tree-free stone paper. This material allowed the artwork to really pop while showing the earth a little love. 



Get creative and consider using eloquent typography to set your product apart on the shelves. 

People are drawn to visually appealing things, and typography is one way to achieve that. Lumette effectively uses this concept when it comes to their beautifully designed labels. Check it out!



Feeling inspired? Here at Summit, we have some super cool capabilities, and we’re ready to use them to help you create the label of your dreams. Chat with one of our label specialists today to get started


Lastly, after all this talk of spirits, we bet you’re getting thirsty. We are here to save the day. Try some deliciously crafted spirits using our BC distillery delivery guide, bringing exquisite spirits right to your doorstep.