Teamwork makes the dream work, we’re better together and other wordier versions of that ilk, as corny as those quotes are, we’re here to tell you the same also applies when it comes to label printing. When you’re lucky enough to work with a brewery that has ingenious branding (not to mention delicious beer) a design firm that comes up with clever and inventive designs you get the opportunity to push print capability forward and create something of a magical label.

Cabin Brewing was born with the idea of giving people an escape from every day, a place to slow down, relax and connect. You feel that the moment you walk into Cabin, from the wood and the leather chairs to the canoe light feature suspended from the ceiling, you also get that from the labelling on the cans. The branding, described as “modernized nostalgia” and “gloriously eclectic”, pulls from patterns or colours you might have seen growing up, at your grandparents, or in old family photos, and then gives it a unique twist.  Successfully creating an experience where “you already feel like you have a relationship with the can even though you’ve never seen it before.”

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The craft beer industry moves fast, with something new and interesting always in demand, and particularly with Cabin, “the people who know the brand are always expecting something unusual on the shelf.” The StarBurst glitter label was born from a collective love and interest in exploring new print techniques, and a conversation around what haven’t we seen before and would love to try. From that, Cabin & Daughter created a fantastic label design and trusted Summit to figure out how to execute the vision with our fondness for new challenges and many years of expertise.  

“With Summit you don’t just supply a label, you can get on the phone and [have a conversation about] ‘this is what we’re thinking how can we make it even better?’. It’s not like a vendor relationship, it’s a partnership. That input from Summit really helps to take an idea and really make it pop on the shelf” 

Now, as any who has ever participated in a glitter craft knows, we’ll be finding remnants of this label for years to come. 

Quotes supplied by Jill Dewes & Ben Gough of Daughter Creative.