We're sponsoring the Rising Star Award and celebrating innovation in the Food and Beverage Industry!

The BCFB (BC Food and Beverage) awards are "a way to celebrate the achievements of leaders who are breaking ground in the food, beverage, and natural health industry”. Summit Labels is thrilled to sponsor the Rising Star Award; this award recognizes the up-and-coming industry members taking a unique, one-of-a-kind approach to food and beverage. These nominees are people on our must-watch list as they make a name for themselves in the world of food and drink. 

Why We Chose to Sponsor This Award

OK. The promise of some delicious samples may have played a tiny part in this decision; however, what really inspired this sponsorship was the opportunity to further support the food community and celebrate its innovative genius. We’ve always considered it a privilege to play a role in this diverse and unique industry, so we are beyond honoured to further collaborate with the best of the best. Our food clients never fail to impress us with their creativity-infused products and we look forward to seeing what they'll come up with next (and how we can match this creativity with world class labels). Our top three ingredients for success - make it tasty, fun and memorable!

The Nominees

Whether it's innovation in the form of sustainability, nutrition, or straight up flavour, these 19 deserving nominees are changing the game and are on track to take the food/beverage industry by storm. Tune in to the BCFB awards this September to see which of these up-and-comers takes home the Rising Star Award.




Joanna Best, Stephanie Gaudette

Umami Crave the Fifth 

Ayissi Nyemba

Emkao Foods

Lauren Archibald

Hippie Snacks

Andrea Butterworth

Paracanna Foods Inc

Marc Wandler


Connie Marples

Boosh Food

Jordan Rogers

Lloyd-James Group Inc.

Marie Lanji-Brown

Marie's Guilt Free Bakery

Minto Roy

International Social Print Paper ltd.

Judah Douglas

Shang Beverage

Chelsea Thomsen

The KB Honey Family

Chris Van der Linden

Old School Eatery

Jordan Milne

Canature Processing Ltd

Aki Kaltenbach

Save Da Sea Foods

Gonzalo Tudela

Santevia Water Systems

Cathline James

Wise Bites

Lyndsay  Scott

Kindred Cultures Inc.

Charles Tremewen

Long Table Distillery

Krishnav Biyani

University of British Columbia


Have you tried something from these Rising Stars? Let us know which one you like the best!



Looking to tune in? Find more information on the BCFB Awards Show here.