so you want to do something
crazy and cool for your brand

Packaging is a booming industry and can even, at times, be more effective than advertising. Using out-of-the-box printing methods and inventive marketing tactics, you can create labels that stand out and define your business and brand. One way to capture the senses of your customers is through embellishments that appeal to touch, sight, and even smell. 

Those super cool word nerds at Oxford describe embellishments as “a decoration or other addition that is intended to make something more beautiful or interesting.” Incorporating embellishments in your label can add a visual experience that helps your product stand out on the shelves. They have the potential to be a powerful design element but need to be implemented strategically. Before you begin, it's important to acknowledge that you’re designing for rather than with embellishments. Embellishments aren’t an afterthought, it should be something you have in mind from the start. The best designs use embellishments as an intentional strategic decision, something that really adds to your brand and your label’s message. Once you’ve got your beautiful idea in mind, here are three more things to remember while designing for embellishments. 


While our embellishments are surprisingly apt at handling the thin, fine lines, going with bigger and thicker lines for key components like text is the safest way to ensure a cleaner, more professional look.

If you’re using multiple embellishments (like foil and Spot UV) side-by-side you’ve got to be careful about how you lay those lines out. Our registration is pretty tight, but it’s never a bad idea to have it reviewed by our experts before diving in!



Some techniques, like embossing, lift the stock away from the product surface. That means a design that's too close to the edge of your label can feel weird, peel off, or allow water to get underneath the stocks. Keeping any of these elements 6mm or 1/4in away from the edge is always best. Our artwork specialists are highly skilled and eagle-eyed, doing their absolute best to catch anything before it comes up. However, designing with this in mind is the safest way to avoid accidents and reprints.


The more custom embellishments you want, the more tooling will need to be brought into our facility, just for you. (Is that V.I.P treatment or what?) In all seriousness, we often order tools for specific label projects to ensure we nail the label vision and deliver the best quality product. Sadly, the ordering process takes time, and we can’t speed it up (although we’re always pushing our trusted partners to get our orders out first!). So, we recommend you plan for extra time, then add a bit more time, then add more time to that. Seriously, the earlier you plan, the more likely you'll end up with an exquisite highly detailed product, within your ideal timeline. Take it from us, it's truly heartbreaking when we’re presented with gorgeous artwork and extravagant plans that must be compromised for looming bottling dates.

This is by no means an exhaustive list and when it comes to the possibilities and limitations of bringing creativity to life, knowledge is power. For a more in-depth exploration of the embellishments we offer, download the Embellishments eBook today.