cold vs. hot foils

For hundreds of years, humans have applied foil to parchment to make things look good. It started with real gold leaf (think old fashioned books, texts, monks scribbling and hand applying gold flakes). Nowadays foil is still being used on quality-driven products like wine labels and distillery bottles to make them look sleek, impressive, and well, high-end. Think about it, would you have bought that 40$ bottle of wine if it was in a cheap-looking plastic bottle? Imagine if Glenfiddich came in a cardboard box—it just wouldn’t have the same prestige.


At their core, foils are a premium embellishment that creates an elegant, 3-dimensional, and most-often, metallic look. There are two kinds of foil stamping; cold and hot.



Cold foil is less expensive, it's limited to smooth materials and it's not as sharp of a look, so it's excellent for creating a flaked, authentic, and antique-y feel. Kismet Essentials is a business based on the “belief that your self-care products should only contain the essentials, and nothing more.” On brand with this belief of self-care and natural indulgence, Kismet’s use of cold foil stamping managed to brilliantly display a look of luxury and quality while staying true to the organic, minimalist nature of their salt soaks. Can you say treat yo’ self?


Because it uses a special hot plate to heat the foil and adhere it to your stock hot foil stamping is the more expensive option. It offers a shinier and higher-end look than the cold foil with cleaner lines and details. Created by the award-winning Sheringham Distillery team, Lumette! is a 0% alt-gin “born out of the admiration of all things natural, and a love for cocktail culture”. A non-alcoholic first capturing the same fresh and bright botanicals for an inspiring cocktail experience. Lumette!’s ground-breaking gin required a truly one-in-a-million high-end label. We pulled out all the stops to create a custom die-cut, double-sided, textured label finished with hot foil accents. Did it hit the mark? Why don’t you ask the dozens of media outlets already reporting on the success of this exquisite treat?

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