Labels Making a Splash
at the CVBF 2019 Best Label Competition

Congratulations to all our clients who made it through to the voting rounds in the 2019 Clover Valley Beer Festival Best Label Competition! Presented by one of our competitors, Westkey, this year's top 8 were 50% Summit family members. Way to represent! Seems like even our competitors can't resist our labels.

Voting is still open for the top 4 craft beer labels so head to the CVBF facebook page and show our friends Taylight Brewing some love!

Taylight Brewing - Raincoast ESB (5.6% ABV) - Top 4 moving into round 2

Old world malts meet new world piney hops for a balanced yet flavourful experience in this coastal beer. This super cool design captures the vastness and fresh, natural vibes of the Pacific Northwest, with deep blues and purples and a metallic sheen that creates the illusion of rain, mist, and movement.

Metallic BOPP - Matte Lam



Yellowdog Brewing - Fun & Games Sour Red IPA & Brewhall collab (6.8% ABV)

A collab between Yellow Dog and Brewhall, this is a perfect example of the hybrid beers flooding the BC Craft scene. A "sour red IPA," that combines the tart acidity of a kettle sour with a citrusy IPA, with a little Belgian twist. It's a flavourful adventure brought to life by the bold colours, thick lines, and kinda psychedelic - kinda retro - vibes of this killer label.

White BOPP - Matte Lam



Coal Harbour Brewing - Beer Connoisour Dino Candy Raspberry Sour (4.8% ABV)

Coal Harbour head brewer Tom loves sour dino candies so much that he made them into a seriously tasty beer. A label seemingly inspired by cartoons and comic books. A beer walloped with raspberries and just a hint of lemongrass. This is a sour ale that'll capture the imagination and inspire childhood nostalgia in any beer lover.

White BOPP - Matte Lam



Main St Brewing - VMF Mural Series Hefeweizen

The 3rd annual VMF Series beer blends the classic German wheat beer with Pacific Northwest hopping techniques. A combination of subtle sweetness, wheat malt, bananas, and citrus makes this beer taste like fruit punch. Inspired by the Van art scene, each of the cans features one of six murals from last year's Vancouver Mural Festival, so in each four-pack, you get a selection of stunning art that reminds you just how cool this event can be.

White BOPP - Gloss Lam


Good luck to all our clients at this year’s Clovervalley Beer Festival, and to Taylight in the Best Label contest! We love working with you on your projects and bringing these kinds of labels to life. Keep on inspiring us all with your creative, crazy ideas and tasty flavours, and we'll keep on working to make them happen.