While we wish we could do it all, you can only specialize in so many things. Over the years we’ve worked with some great organizations who specialize in areas that we’re asked about every day. One of those orgs? The BCFB!

Summit is a proud BCFB member and this year we were thrilled to sponsor the Rising Star Award. An award that recognizes the up-and-coming industry members taking a unique, one-of-a-kind approach to food and beverage. We’ve always considered it a privilege to play a role in this diverse and unique industry, so we were beyond honoured to further collaborate with the best of the best.

BC Food and Beverage (BCFB) has long been the leading advocate and cheerleader for the food and beverage industry in BC. Representing processor, associate, and student members, the BCFB connects businesses of all sizes and types with over 400 member companies and representing over 76% of the $10.1 billion industry.

The BCFB membership is all about advocacy and professional development. Part of a national network, including Canada Food and Beverage, Government bodies, policymakers, and partner associations, BCFB champions the food and the beverage industry by advocating for companies of all sizes.

Is this year’s professional development a priority for you and your teammates? The BCFB also hosts everything from peer groups and affinity programs to annual awards events; that’s a lot of opportunities to make connections and grow your professional circle!

From micro-producers to large-scale brands the BCFB covers it all––just like us! From eye-catching embellishments and variable content to a custom online ordering platform designed to take the stress and complexity out of ordering labels, we have the team and tools to work with BCFB and their membership to elevate brands.

So, if you’re a food or beverage processor, producer, grower, supplier, or farmer; we highly recommend joining the BCFB. (And giving us a call while you’re at it.)